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Expedition Winter Coat (or Jacket) No. 2

The review of the short ones! As promised I hereby review some of the nicest short winter jackets of this season. Or, at least the ones that have been in stores at this moment. I suppose some brands will introduce a few in-between-season-jackets later this season, but most of the collections have been sent out by now. The one that really made my day is the salmon fake fur jacket by Modström. The colour is spectacular and matches with most of the hair and skin colours. Besides that it is a colour that immediately upgrades most of the dated wardrobes. Furthermore, for me fake fur is the ultimate winter jacket fabric. I feel powerfull, glamourous and, of course, completely protected against the cold.

ARMA Black Label_Diamante Plonge Veg_Jacket_black_frontTommyn Hilfiger_Teresa_Biker_Blazer_red_front TOPSHOP_Mongolian_Chubby)_Fake_Fur_light brown_frontGoosecraft_497 Cozzo_Leather_Biker_Jacket_Fur_Collar_black_frontMichakl Kors_Reversible_Fake_Dawn Jacket_black_frontMaje_Bloody_Belted_Leather Jacket_green_frontModström_Fake Fur_Jacket_salmon_frontMaje_Bicelui_Belted_Biker_Jacket_red_frontARMA Black Label_Pollein Perfo Scale_Perforated_Leather_Jacket_black_front        Ted Baker_Ciel_Leather_Jacket_Fur_Collar_brown_front

Expedition Winter Coat No. 1

Inspired by the cold weather influences I’ve experienced last week I’ve enjoyed focussing on this season’s winter coats. What have we already seen arrive in stores and what can we expect to dominate the upcoming autumn/winter season? As always ;-), this time I want something different! Something that can really lighten up my winter coat wardrobe! Something that not only can be a winter coat but also A WINTER COAT! So… Now you know my mission for the upcoming months! Below I’ve made a little collection of nice long winter coats to examine (Y.A.S., Michael Kors, Ted Baker, ARMA Leder (x 2!), TOPSHOP, DEPT & NIKKIE). Next time I will focus on the short ones!

Y.A.S_Trench Coat_frontMK_Double Buckled_Poncho_Wool_black_front Ted Baker_Maquila_Double breasted Trenchoat_black_frontARMA_Mayka_Leather_Trenchcoat_taupe_front ARMA Black Label_Manja_Merino_Suède_Curly_Lammycoat_front TOPSHOP_Classic_Trench Coat_Camel_front DEPT_Oversized_Coat_Fake fur_off white_frontNIKKIE_Coat_Delilah_black_front

Jane Norman and her ‘famous’ pencil skirt

For many years now I’ve been having a weak spot. This weakness relates to the designer of the most fabulous pencil skirt ever: Jane Norman. I’ve never tried on a pencil skirt from a brand other than Jane Norman that fits better, looks more luxuous and is more easy to handle than and the ones I’ve collected over the years designed by Jane Norman. I mean, really, you should try them yourself. I can assure you will be SOLD! I guess one of the reasons for my secret ‘addiction’ is that the pencil skirt can be worn on many different occasions and may be combined with both casual and business wear. Like oversized sweaters and sneakers for a casual look, or a perfectly ironed blouse or peplum top for a more formal look.

Besides the perfectly designed pencil skirt Jane Norman also has outstanding (pencil) dresses in many bright colors and very nice peplum tops.

Below I’ve posted a few items that are part of my favorite ready-to-wear wardrobe at this moment. The Peplum top matches great with any kind of pencil skirt for a dressed up look!


Jane Norman Peplum Top yellow_frontJane Norman Peplum Top yellow_backJane Norman Peplum Top off-white_frontJane Norman Peplum Top off-white_back


Jane Norman Mesh Fake Leather Pencil Skirt black_front Jane Norman Mesh Fake Leather Pencil Skirt black_back   Jane Norman Pencil Skirt black_white_front Jane Norman Pencil Skirt black_white_2

Jane Norman Belted Peplum Pencil Dress midnight blue_backJane Norman Belted Peplum Pencil Dress midnight blue_front

Autumn colored outfit(s)

This gallery contains 12 photos.

Autumn is in the air! Lot’s of rain is heading our way, temperature is still nice and now and then the sun is un-hiding ;-). For me, this is the right moment to change my wardrobe view 180 degrees and prepare for the next season. I’m loving it!

At this moment I really appreciate the red and maroon colored pieces. It almost matches every skin type (at least if you combine it with the right color tone for your skin type) and, most important, it’s trending FW15/16!

Underneath I’ve selected a few items that should complete my autumn wardrobe for now. My key item should be the stunning red Filling Pieces sneakers!

Bijenkorf Hat Felt Red

Goosecraft Studded Leather Jacket blackMoschino Quilted Chain Shoulder Bag Black/White


ARMA Desia Stretch Plonge Skirt redH&M Fringed Shoulder Bag black

L.K. Bennett Fern Pump Black/RedFilling Pieces Sneakers red


Wedding proof party outfit

Since the wedding season has started quite a while ago, I GUESS it’s time for a nice outfit post I’ve selected for one of my neighbors upcoming wedding party next Saturday. The party will be held on a very nice location at the beach, so I’m praying the weather (and then I mean lots of sun!) will be on our side. And if not, I GUESS a few more bottles of champagne should do the trick…

Guess_biker_jacket_studs_black MK_t-shirt_zebra_zwart

Guess_skirt_organza_white  MK_odelia_bootie_black

MK_evening bag_chain_gold


The black studded biker jacket and skirt are from GUESS, black zebra printed t-shirt, black high heeled sandals and the gold chain evening bag from Michael Kors.

Tiger lovin’

Do you remember when it was again? When KENZO came into our world blurring our vision with their tiger-influenced master pieces? Well I do!

But really, how do they do that? Designing those fabulous prints that stay popular season after season, and most of the times even become more popular over the years. KENZO is one of those great examples of creating a hype with their tiger-print. We’ve seen it appear on about every type of apparel or accessory  and, even more important with respect to measuring the impact of this hype: about every high street fashion brand has adopted the tiger head and designed one of their own to be shown on their designs.

Well, I can tell you I’m a big fan for a few years now, and I predict I will be for at least another few! KENZO, please give me a call when your new tiger-designs hit the shelves…

Kenzo_dress_tiger_redKenzo_t-shirt_tiger_green     Kenzo_t-shirt_tiger_orange

.        Kenzo_tiger_espadrille_mint           Kenzo_tiger_espadrille_orange           Kenzo_tiger_espadrille_yellow


All items available via KENZO.COM

H&M Premium Collection

Never thought I would say this, but I have to be honest on this one: the Premium Collection by H&M is really nice! Good quality materials used, extremely good fit and, most important, great designs! Hereunder I’ve posted a few pieces of their latest Premium Collection. In my opinion with this collection they’ve made an excellent step in upgrading their collection!H&MPC_WoolHat_brownH&MPC_LeatherBelt_beige



H&M_LeatherPump_snake H&MPC_LeatherSlip-on_beige

Here comes the summer!

This week we will be welcoming summer (temperatures) in the Netherlands! Today I’ve made a start catching up with my summer outfits but unfortunately, due to my not-ready-for-showing-without-stockings-legs, I think it’s a bit early for ‘skirts-day’ (as we like to call the first sunny days of the season) so I’ve chosen an outfit in which I’ll be able to ‘get used to’ the idea of summer. A Maison Scotch Indian shirt, with a trousers underneath and some nice summer heals from French Connection. The crown on my outfit is definitely the fabulous Moschino biker bag form the Capsule Collection.

Maison Scotch_T-shirt IndianClaudia Sträter_Cambio jeansFrench Connection_Veanita Zebra            Moschino_Capsule Collection Biker small

Party-proof outfit!

Last week I discovered the ultimate party dress! Lot’s of black sequins, perfect length and with lyrics from the most fabulous singer-songwriter ever: Stevie Wonder! Still, there was one problem: the heels. When you’re really ‘delivering’ with this kind of over-the-top-glamourous-dress we all know we need to keep the rest of the outfit basic… When your mind is blurred by glitter and sequins this is easier said than done right? Well, considering my heels: it didn’t work out as ‘basic’ as I thought it would. But I surely feel like I can take over the world wearing them! I’d say take a look at my outfit below and let your mind get in the party mode!

By_Danie_black_sequins_dress Mexx_faux_fur_coat




In the outfit above I’ve combined a black sequin dress from the ByDanie collection with a faux fur coat from Candy Dulfer by Mexx and shiny heels from Jeffrey Campbell. The fringe clutch is from D&G and the fringe charm bracelet from Saint Laurent.


Tomboy style!

Sometimes I just feel like wearing comfortable yet fashionable clothes. And when I think of comfortable yet fashionable I definitely think of tomboy style! I’m sure you recognize the feeling! When I’m in that kind of mood ofcourse I want all the items in my outfit to match, and that really isn’t not a problem nowadays. There are so many styles to wear looking stylish at this moment. Whether it’s casual, casual-chic, Paris-chic, bohemian, street style, business, punk, gothic, rock & roll, western, tomboy or whatever. Everything is possible this season.

Hereunder I’ve posted one of my tomboy outfits I really love.