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Expedition Winter Coat No. 1

Inspired by the cold weather influences I’ve experienced last week I’ve enjoyed focussing on this season’s winter coats. What have we already seen arrive in stores and what can we expect to dominate the upcoming autumn/winter season? As always ;-), this time I want something different! Something that can really lighten up my winter coat wardrobe! Something that not only can be a winter coat but also A WINTER COAT! So… Now you know my mission for the upcoming months! Below I’ve made a little collection of nice long winter coats to examine (Y.A.S., Michael Kors, Ted Baker, ARMA Leder (x 2!), TOPSHOP, DEPT & NIKKIE). Next time I will focus on the short ones!

Y.A.S_Trench Coat_frontMK_Double Buckled_Poncho_Wool_black_front Ted Baker_Maquila_Double breasted Trenchoat_black_frontARMA_Mayka_Leather_Trenchcoat_taupe_front ARMA Black Label_Manja_Merino_Suède_Curly_Lammycoat_front TOPSHOP_Classic_Trench Coat_Camel_front DEPT_Oversized_Coat_Fake fur_off white_frontNIKKIE_Coat_Delilah_black_front