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Faux fur rules!

Recently I visited a vintage party. I think buying (and trading) vintage is a great thing to do and I really appreciate it when people make an effort to consider the environment while updating their wardrobe. Full of excitement about what kind of spectacular items I was about to discover today I went to the party. Unfortunately I was soon to discover that this party wasn’t that much fun at all. About half of the vintage collection that was presented was made of real fur! If there’s something that I just can’t understand, it is why people should buy real fur. When I confronted the owner of the fur items with my point of view he tried to convince me that it isn’t that much of a problem to wear real fur and that the negativity that’s associated with wearing it is much exagerated since most people wear real leather without a breeze. With that superficial non-explanation he convinced me to leave right a way, this just wasn’t my ‘cup of tea’.

So here I am, wearing my nice FAUX fur gilet! And I’m proud of it!


Above I combined the faux fur gilet (H&M) with a white turtleneck (Drykorn), a jeans skirt (Diesel) and fringe ankle boots (Isabel Marant). I completed my outfit with a beaded necklace and a bracelet with ‘a hint of orange’.


Animal-licious prints!

What is it about animal prints? Either you love them, or you hate them. At least that’s what I’ve been experiencing in everyday life. I’ve been loving (and wearing!) these fine prints since ever. But every once in a while someone shows special interest in an item that’s been in my wardrobe for a long time. And that’s the moment that I know animal prints are seriously hot!

The jacquard leopard printed coat I’m wearing below is one of those items. I’m wearing it as a coat during spring and autumn season and sometimes as a blazer during winter. Since I’m going to the playground with my boys today I’m wearing it with skinny jeans and a petrol (I just love the petrol-hype this season!) turtleneck.


The blazer is a vintage one from H&M, as well as the boots, the skinny jeans are from J Brand and the turtleneck is from Drykorn.