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Faux fur

Faux fur rules!

Recently I visited a vintage party. I think buying (and trading) vintage is a great thing to do and I really appreciate it when people make an effort to consider the environment while updating their wardrobe. Full of excitement about what kind of spectacular items I was about to discover today I went to the party. Unfortunately I was soon to discover that this party wasn’t that much fun at all. About half of the vintage collection that was presented was made of real fur! If there’s something that I just can’t understand, it is why people should buy real fur. When I confronted the owner of the fur items with my point of view he tried to convince me that it isn’t that much of a problem to wear real fur and that the negativity that’s associated with wearing it is much exagerated since most people wear real leather without a breeze. With that superficial non-explanation he convinced me to leave right a way, this just wasn’t my ‘cup of tea’.

So here I am, wearing my nice FAUX fur gilet! And I’m proud of it!


Above I combined the faux fur gilet (H&M) with a white turtleneck (Drykorn), a jeans skirt (Diesel) and fringe ankle boots (Isabel Marant). I completed my outfit with a beaded necklace and a bracelet with ‘a hint of orange’.


Guess what! It’s Friday!

And that means we have to ‘worry’ about Friday Night: tonight I’m having drinks with the girls! I must admit, there are worse things to worry about, but still…

While deciding about what I feel like wearing tonight I have a few details which I have to consider before letting my mind run wild. First of all the weather conditions, second the type of event, third who will be joining me and fourth, and most important, how do I feel!

Thinking about tonight I’ve chosen the following items to complete my outfit with.


For this outfit I’ve combined a ByDanie sweater with a black and army green skirt from Isabel Marant and black thights. The black ankle booties and the faux fur jacket are from H&M and the bracelet is a design from Saint Laurent. Since I won’t be carrying a lot tonight I will take a clutch bag from D&G.

ByDanie Party Collection



In addition to the Fall/Winter collection that has been launched earlier this year, ByDanie has introduced the Party Collection! The collection is available online and in stores now.

I must say: WOW! I can’t wait to kick off Holiday Season looking at these gorgeous, glamorous and funky party items. I already spotted some of the items on the catwalk at the BYDanie show during Amsterdam Fashion Week earlier this year. Ever since I was really looking forward for them to hit the shelves. My favourite item will be the spectacular chain heels, really: totally in love… Furthermore, the faux fur coats are fantastic and also perfectly suitable for daily wear. The long pink one is my personal favourite! If you’re looking for a party proof dress, you must have a look at the “SIGNED SEALED DELIVERED” sequin dress. No doubt about the ‘proof’ part!


* All items are available via the ByDanie webshop.



Rihanna’s Final Collection For River Island!


It’s called a ‘winter collection’… I’m not sure how cold winters will get for Rihanna, but for now it looks like I will be catching the flu wearing most of the outfits in her collection for River Island this season. I must say the collection as a whole has a good ‘vibe’ though. When Rihanna’s first collection for River Island was shown during London Fashion Week people were a bit shocked about the unconventional outfits. But I guess that’s what Rihanna is about, right?





In addition to sparkling dresses and skirts with a lot of glitter and glamour, the collection also contains items typically winter-wear like faux fur hats, hooded tops and puffer jackets. And, ofcourse, tartan patterns will be welcomed! Check it out on Vogue!


Mexx and Candy


Wow! Mexx and Candy have done good!

Yesterday the collection for Mexx by Candy Dulfer has been launched. I must say, it’s nothing to be ashamed of Candy! Very well done! There’s a good mix of materials and colours in the collection and you can perfectly mix and match between the items to create your own style for the right occasion.




I personally love the boxy faux leather top with python print. Combine the top with the dragon red leather optic legging pants and the amazing two-toned faux fur vest with faux leather sleeves for a complete Rock & Roll look! Although bare feet would be very comfortable wearing this warm (and sticky) fake fur outfit a pair of Saint Laurent Paris two-tone python ankle boots would certainly complete your outfit…


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Top, legging pants and vest available via Ankle boots available via