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Expedition Winter Coat (or Jacket) No. 2

The review of the short ones! As promised I hereby review some of the nicest short winter jackets of this season. Or, at least the ones that have been in stores at this moment. I suppose some brands will introduce a few in-between-season-jackets later this season, but most of the collections have been sent out by now. The one that really made my day is the salmon fake fur jacket by Modström. The colour is spectacular and matches with most of the hair and skin colours. Besides that it is a colour that immediately upgrades most of the dated wardrobes. Furthermore, for me fake fur is the ultimate winter jacket fabric. I feel powerfull, glamourous and, of course, completely protected against the cold.

ARMA Black Label_Diamante Plonge Veg_Jacket_black_frontTommyn Hilfiger_Teresa_Biker_Blazer_red_front TOPSHOP_Mongolian_Chubby)_Fake_Fur_light brown_frontGoosecraft_497 Cozzo_Leather_Biker_Jacket_Fur_Collar_black_frontMichakl Kors_Reversible_Fake_Dawn Jacket_black_frontMaje_Bloody_Belted_Leather Jacket_green_frontModström_Fake Fur_Jacket_salmon_frontMaje_Bicelui_Belted_Biker_Jacket_red_frontARMA Black Label_Pollein Perfo Scale_Perforated_Leather_Jacket_black_front        Ted Baker_Ciel_Leather_Jacket_Fur_Collar_brown_front

Wedding proof party outfit

Since the wedding season has started quite a while ago, I GUESS it’s time for a nice outfit post I’ve selected for one of my neighbors upcoming wedding party next Saturday. The party will be held on a very nice location at the beach, so I’m praying the weather (and then I mean lots of sun!) will be on our side. And if not, I GUESS a few more bottles of champagne should do the trick…

Guess_biker_jacket_studs_black MK_t-shirt_zebra_zwart

Guess_skirt_organza_white  MK_odelia_bootie_black

MK_evening bag_chain_gold


The black studded biker jacket and skirt are from GUESS, black zebra printed t-shirt, black high heeled sandals and the gold chain evening bag from Michael Kors.

Guess what! It’s Friday!

And that means we have to ‘worry’ about Friday Night: tonight I’m having drinks with the girls! I must admit, there are worse things to worry about, but still…

While deciding about what I feel like wearing tonight I have a few details which I have to consider before letting my mind run wild. First of all the weather conditions, second the type of event, third who will be joining me and fourth, and most important, how do I feel!

Thinking about tonight I’ve chosen the following items to complete my outfit with.


For this outfit I’ve combined a ByDanie sweater with a black and army green skirt from Isabel Marant and black thights. The black ankle booties and the faux fur jacket are from H&M and the bracelet is a design from Saint Laurent. Since I won’t be carrying a lot tonight I will take a clutch bag from D&G.

Rainy days, suitable outfits


At 7 in the morning it was raining. During lunch, still raining. And it won’t be any different this afternoon.

What to wear on a day like this!? Layared clothing will do the trick of course. Today I chose for a pair of grey thick tights combined with a black and white silk dress from H&M and, of course, a vest. A fake fur one. A pair of grey, ankle booties should keep my feet from getting wet during my runs to and from my car and back into other dry area’s. I hope my booties will behave as I expect them to. A big leopard Dolce & Gabbana shopper should keep my stuff safe & dry today.

Almost weekend! Enjoy yours!



h&m_dress_stars_black_and_whiteh&m_fake_fur_vest              michael_by_michael_kors_ankle_bootsdolce_and_gabbana_leopard_shopper