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Home is wear the cat is…

Karl Lagerfeld has designed a-soon-to-be-available collection of accessories named by his beloved pet Choupette. For his Choupette Collection Karl Lagerfeld was inspired by his cat, who is nowadays almost as famous as Karl himself.

As you can see in the image below there’s no doubt about who’s the subject in line of accessories!



The collection includes a cat-shaped leather tote and a cat-shaped leather cross-body bag, iPad & iPhone covers with cat ears, fingerless gloves with whiskers, a cat-shaped key chain, a wool scarf and a knitted cap with cat’s ears and leather whiskers.

The collection will be exclusively available at Karl Lagerfeld stores in Paris, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Beijing, Shanghai, and Antwerp.


After Kenzo’s Tiger-hype last season maybe this will be the next animal you can’t avoid and will soon be introduced into your wardrobe. I personally love the cat-shaped leather tote, and I surely hope it will be in mine soon!