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Tiger lovin’

Do you remember when it was again? When KENZO came into our world blurring our vision with their tiger-influenced master pieces? Well I do!

But really, how do they do that? Designing those fabulous prints that stay popular season after season, and most of the times even become more popular over the years. KENZO is one of those great examples of creating a hype with their tiger-print. We’ve seen it appear on about every type of apparel or accessory  and, even more important with respect to measuring the impact of this hype: about every high street fashion brand has adopted the tiger head and designed one of their own to be shown on their designs.

Well, I can tell you I’m a big fan for a few years now, and I predict I will be for at least another few! KENZO, please give me a call when your new tiger-designs hit the shelves…

Kenzo_dress_tiger_redKenzo_t-shirt_tiger_green     Kenzo_t-shirt_tiger_orange

.        Kenzo_tiger_espadrille_mint           Kenzo_tiger_espadrille_orange           Kenzo_tiger_espadrille_yellow


All items available via KENZO.COM