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Feeling Black & White

I prefer a colourful outfit most of the time (being ‘blessed’ with blond hair in combination with quite pale skin) to lighten up my daily wear. But once in a while I wake up feeling like a black & white outfit will make my day. And by black & white I really mean black & white! Underneath I’ll show you my outfit for today, feeling black & white for sure!



I’ve combined a silk printed blouse (Isabel Marant pour H&M) with a black leather skirt (Marc O’Polo), black & white python ankle boots (Saint Laurant) and a two tone hand bag (DKNY).

Faux fur rules!

Recently I visited a vintage party. I think buying (and trading) vintage is a great thing to do and I really appreciate it when people make an effort to consider the environment while updating their wardrobe. Full of excitement about what kind of spectacular items I was about to discover today I went to the party. Unfortunately I was soon to discover that this party wasn’t that much fun at all. About half of the vintage collection that was presented was made of real fur! If there’s something that I just can’t understand, it is why people should buy real fur. When I confronted the owner of the fur items with my point of view he tried to convince me that it isn’t that much of a problem to wear real fur and that the negativity that’s associated with wearing it is much exagerated since most people wear real leather without a breeze. With that superficial non-explanation he convinced me to leave right a way, this just wasn’t my ‘cup of tea’.

So here I am, wearing my nice FAUX fur gilet! And I’m proud of it!


Above I combined the faux fur gilet (H&M) with a white turtleneck (Drykorn), a jeans skirt (Diesel) and fringe ankle boots (Isabel Marant). I completed my outfit with a beaded necklace and a bracelet with ‘a hint of orange’.


Animal-licious prints!

What is it about animal prints? Either you love them, or you hate them. At least that’s what I’ve been experiencing in everyday life. I’ve been loving (and wearing!) these fine prints since ever. But every once in a while someone shows special interest in an item that’s been in my wardrobe for a long time. And that’s the moment that I know animal prints are seriously hot!

The jacquard leopard printed coat I’m wearing below is one of those items. I’m wearing it as a coat during spring and autumn season and sometimes as a blazer during winter. Since I’m going to the playground with my boys today I’m wearing it with skinny jeans and a petrol (I just love the petrol-hype this season!) turtleneck.


The blazer is a vintage one from H&M, as well as the boots, the skinny jeans are from J Brand and the turtleneck is from Drykorn.

Yeah, it’s Friday!

A beautiful Friday I must say! Wow! Besides the fact that the sun was still asleep (!?) when I woke up, and which very much reminded me that it is almost winter season (and that I have two sons of which always at least one wakes up before I do), it soon became sunny as hell! I love these autumn days… In my opinion they’re almost as good as the hot summer ones. I believe these days can make you forget winter depressions for a moment. If you’re experiencing them of course.

I guess there’s no need in saying it again, but still: I LOVE THESE SUNNY AUTUMN DAYS! But, enough about my happy feelings today. Let’s get to todays’ outfit.


In the outfit above I’m wearing an oversized petrol sweater (Asos), a black faux leather short (French Connection), petrol and black python ankle boots (Le Ballon), and a faux fur jacket (H&M). I completed my outfit with a chain pearl necklace (Zara) and a rose-gold and white watch (GC). Today is my day!



Daily Rock

How to combine a little bit of Rock in your daily outfit? Since Rock ‘n Roll in fashion land is all over the place we are definitely challenged to introduce a hint (or just a lot!) in our daily outfits. Ofcourse, you can go all the way and make it totally rock ‘n roll (or, for the hardcore fashionista’s, grunge to the max). But sometimes it’s more wearable to add some pieces to your personal style. And guess what I did! Get the vibe and try to add some rock ‘n roll to your own style!

I combined a ByDanie black Rock ‘n Roll sweater with a Zadig & Voltaire tie dye jeans, black Jimmy Choo biker boots and a Saint Laurent inspired necklace from Zara.




Did you catch the Pea Coat flu 2013 yet?

Seriously! When did this all time fashion favourite made it’s entrance? I guess it’s a little while before I can remember, so I won’t bother you with it. But, it definitely deserves some attention talking about longlasting statement pieces. I guess if you would ask around EVERYONE owns (or has owned) one (or a few!), men and women, boys and girls. Every year there are just so many variations on the traditional pea coat, classic and refreshing ones.

Hereunder I will point out a few I would definitely wear!

Isabel_Marant_chester_wool_blend_pea_coatMulberry_houndstooth_pea_coatMarc_o_Polo_wool_double_breasted_coat Karen_Millen_double_breasted_tartan_jacketZara_double_breasted_oversized_jacketZara_short_double_breasted_jacketZara_double_breasted_oversized_jacket

Guess what! It’s Friday!

And that means we have to ‘worry’ about Friday Night: tonight I’m having drinks with the girls! I must admit, there are worse things to worry about, but still…

While deciding about what I feel like wearing tonight I have a few details which I have to consider before letting my mind run wild. First of all the weather conditions, second the type of event, third who will be joining me and fourth, and most important, how do I feel!

Thinking about tonight I’ve chosen the following items to complete my outfit with.


For this outfit I’ve combined a ByDanie sweater with a black and army green skirt from Isabel Marant and black thights. The black ankle booties and the faux fur jacket are from H&M and the bracelet is a design from Saint Laurent. Since I won’t be carrying a lot tonight I will take a clutch bag from D&G.

Today’s outfit!


I love the graphical printed items! It gives you the opportunity to add some color to every (basic) outfit, without getting hysterical. Today I chose for a (nice and warm!) pair of thick tights with a simple but colourful Desigual dress. Since I wanted my outfit to look a little less girlie I combined the dress with a pair of comfortable but elegant fringe boots.

Today’s comfy outfit: galactic square print dress, black tights and fringe boots! I completed my outfit with a fringe bag.



Leather is a lady’s best friend!




It’s all about leather since a while. Whether it’s fake (faux) or real: leather will due the trick even when you’re in doubt. We see leather items pass on the runway almost every season and most of the times in different variations. This season it looks like everything is posstible. I’ve seen trouseres, shorts, skirts, tops and jackets in various sizes, fits and colours. The leather pencil skirt is my all time favourite. Whether it’s for a business meeting, a girls night out or a family visit, you wear it with a silk blouse, cropped top or a wool blend sweater: it’s stylish in many outfits and suitable for at least as many occasions!


Referring to my all time favourite hereunder I will present the pencil skirt in several outfits.

First a classic combination with a black leather pencil skirt, a black & army green print blazer from H&M, a silk blouse (Equipment) and snake pumps from Giuseppe Zanotti.


And second a more flashy combination with a silver leather pencil skirt (Josep Clare), a grey and orange striped mohair blend sweater from Joseph and Giuseppe Zanotti suede platform boots.





YES, it’s time for glovin’!

Although I’m not totally ready to cover my hands yet, I know I’ll have to face it soon. At least if I want to keep my nice and soft baby-like skin for a little bit longer. Or, being realistic, if I don’t want my hands to feel like sandpaper this winter. As you can see I have some trouble seeing gloves as an elegant accessory that might take my outfit to a higher level. On the other ‘hand’, when I start looking for a nice pair I can really get carried away. Especially the leather ones have my special attention. So, let’s look at some nice ones!

The “Stunning” gloves from Asos are my favourite, just te remind me they are…